People are asking "Why Leah? Why not all the board members who voted No?"

  1. Ms. Lipska failed to fulfill her duty as an elected official to represent the will of the constituents who voted for her. This is evidenced by numerous personal correspondence with a small group who pushed for 100% virtual.

  2. Although other school board members voted for 100% virtual, Ms. Lipska is different because there is written evidence of lack of transparency on her part by engaging in behind the scenes and informal discussions and collusion with a small group in support of their agenda for 100% virtual. A proper forum for these discussions would have been at school board meetings, which many parents and teachers participated in. Alternatively, this group of people could have written a letter to ALL school board members (which several teachers and parents did.)

  3. Ms. Lipska only engaged in discussions with people who wanted 100% virtual. At no point did she encourage people who wanted in person classes to join her or speak at school board meetings. She only encouraged those who wanted 100% virtual. In addition, she completely stopped correspondence after one person clarified she didn’t want all virtual.

  4. Ms. Lipska is on public record as asking the experts (PHMDC) if it's safe for k-2 to go back to school, in which they told her straight away that it was, and she still voted No.

As an aside, only 2 of the board members who voted No can actually be recalled per recall rules. They simply haven't been in their term long enough.

Open records requests have been obtained in order to sort through this information. If you send an email to we'd be happy to send them to you for you to look at yourself.



As concerned citizens of Mount Horeb and parents of children attending in the Mount Horeb School District, we can no longer sit idly by and watch our school board make decision after decision that in no way, shape or form benefits the kids of this great community and continuously ignores local health officials with regards to reopening.

The school board early on had decided that a partly virtual, partly face to face plan would work best for our students.  While many thought virtual at all was too much, the decision was made and plans were made as to how the parents would get this to work for their family.

Fast forward almost 3 weeks later and for some reason we needed an emergency meeting to discuss changing the strategy initially decided on.  That meeting was called by School Board Clerk, Leah Lipska, without even waiting for the results of the parent survey, in which 70% of parents said there needed to be some in person learning.

During that meeting, it was voted 4-3 that we would now be all virtual learning, a term not even known about only 4 short months ago, even though the virtual learning in Spring was a complete and utter disaster.  Predictably, Lipska voted "Yes".  It was her sole reason for even calling the meeting.  Her mind was made up going into the meeting even though she received a lot of feedback from her constituents rebuking the thought of going 100% virtual.  It was also quite obvious from the meeting that Lipski was either deliberately not understanding how to interpret statistics or just really doesn't understand how to interpret them.  Please refer to the COVID Info section to see a simple statistical breakdown of COVID and how it relates to our students and faculty.  This is not what serving looks like, this is dictating.  This cannot stand.

We need to recall Leah Lipska and get someone will follow the local health guidelines.

We the People