Analyzing the Relevant Statistics

As you can see, there have been a total of 0 deaths from COVID in people between 5 and 19 years of age in the state of Wisconsin.  Zero.  Please let that number sink in.  Zero deaths from COVID in school age children.  The number of deaths from Pneumonia in the same age category is 49.  Are we more afraid of our kids dying from COVID than Pneumonia?  We shouldn’t be.


Now let’s take a look at teacher’s age groups.  We’ll combine the 3 categories to be 25-64.  There may be older teachers than that, but I would assume would represent a miniscule percentage.  For that age group there have been a total of 103 deaths from COVID.  The number of deaths from Pneumonia in the same age category is 3,572.  Are we more afraid of our teachers dying from COVID than Pneumonia?  We shouldn’t be.


The point here is that we need to take emotion out of the decision making process and look at the numbers.  What we are being told to be afraid of is not that scary in comparison to other diseases that are by far deadlier in the age groups concerned here.


However, we need to review this argument from the context of kids going back to school.  Let’s review what happens when kids don’t go to school.  Just because kids aren’t in school, doesn’t mean their parents don’t have to work.  This is the biggest flaw in the arguments floating around for NOT going back to school.  We hear a lot of “we need to keep kids away from other people so they don’t spread it to their grandparents”.  We have news for you, for those parents that have to go to work, where do you think their kids end up going?  That’s correct, grandparents, aunts/uncles, in other words, older relatives, or daycare part time and then to grandparents to help reduce the cost burden.  THESE are the people we need to protect.  We need to protect the older adults and those with underlying health issues.  THOSE people are the people that should be isolated from the general public until we have a vaccine, not otherwise healthy people who, let’s face it, according to the statistics, are NOT going to die from this.  They just aren’t.  The numbers don’t lie.


What’s REALLY being lost here is a whole generation of kids who are missing out on the most important parts of early education.  We’re talking about the social aspects of school.  One could argue, especially in the early years, that the social aspect of school is the MOST important part.  How kids learn to interact with each other is a valuable tool that will continue to be honed throughout their lives.  We’re willing to throw that away for a disease that doesn’t even affect them? 


What if there’s never a vaccine?  Are we going to tell our kids that they will never go to school again?  We need to bring sanity back to this situation. It’s been hijacked by the media and politicians.  This isn’t a media or political event though.  It’s a numbers game.  A game we’ve always played.  What’s the risk vs reward.  We’ve already decided that 50 deaths from pneumonia for school age kids is ok.  Why are we now saying that 0 deaths from COVID is not?

Age stratification MATTERS!

Of course, at the end of the day, most people would like to know their risk or the risk of loved ones dying if infected.  The answer is, of course, extremely low.  The below image is taken from the ACSH Statistics link above.  There are all kinds of statistical analyses presented there, but many can be easily misinterpreted.  The below statistics, however, cannot.

As you can see, the demographic we're looking at in the context of school has an extremely low IFR.  

The Surgeon General says we should reopen.  Pediatricians say we should open.  We. Should. Open.

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